Lessons Learned

It was in early February 2017 when the ONL171 course was announced to the Academic Developers team of CDTL. I was keen to participate the course because I wanted collaborate with people around the world and to learn about the practices other Universities are doing on blended learning. I am happy to say that I have achieved those goals. There were plenty of opportunities and challenges along the way, but I guess this is part of the learning journey. I enjoyed working with my peers and facilitators from PBL2. Having a friendly environment helped a lot. It was less threatening to ask questions when one is unsure about certain things, the persons leading the topic were organized, efficient and open to suggestions/new ideas from the group and the members were really supportive of each other to carry out the tasks. Our group has totally different time zones, but everyone was so flexible and motivated when it comes to meetings and discussions. I think the influence of people around me mattered and pushed my motivation and confidence to stay on. (Thank you guys!) I realized that our group have transformed from being cooperative to more collaborative over time. By allowing each group to share their work in the Google + Community provides that opportunity to see things from multiple perspectives – to consider alternatives and reflect on our own ideas and practices. I think this is the beauty of collaboration and what makes the learning authentic.

To all my PBL 2 friends – Angelo Agujo, Dominique Nupen, Duarte Miguel, Nikolaos Christidis, Eivor Söderström, Jeanette Choy, Maria Kvarnström, Raheel Lakhani; my learning buddies Angelo, Shin Dee, Jeanette, Kiru- thanks for your support and patience. It’s been truly a pleasure and a learning experience working with all. Let’s keep in touch!

6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. To my dearest wife, we have made it through this course, as with all the important things in life that we have experienced, through the strength and support in being TOGETHER. Am very proud of you honey! Love you! ❤ – Angelo

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